Biosilk Rock Hard Styling Gum

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BioSilk®Rock Hard Hard Styling Gum Extra fi rm, pliable styling gum that provides intense control and helps create extreme textured styles.




Product Description

BioSilk Rock Hard offers a line of styling products that provide exceptional control, shine, workability and style memory for edgy styles and extreme textures. Silk provides hair with strength, moisture, protection and incredible shine for intense styling without build up or damage to the hair. 

Silk contains 17 of the 19 amino acids in hair and is the strongest fiber in the world, equal to steel.

 • Silk reconstructs damaged cuticles, strengthens hair, adds moisture, revitalizes and rejuvenates hair for soft, supple, shiny results.

• Silk protects against heat, cold, humidity,UV rays and pollution.

How To Use

Apply a small amount of product to wet or dry hair.Style as usual.

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