Royal Treatment Dry Shampoo Spray 198ml
89.00 AED 119.00 AED
-25% Off

Royal Treatment by CHI gives you everything you need to achieve beautiful hair using the finest quality ingredients. Achieve perfect balance and harmony with rare and exotic ingredients of White Truffle and Pearl, which have been coveted by the nobility of ancient civilizations and since for their amazing effect on hair and skin.

CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Shine Serum 89ml
119.00 AED 139.00 AED
-14% Off

The CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Oil Optimum Moisture line combines the rich hydration of Olive Oil with Monoi Oil’s unique blend of Coconut Oil and Tiare Gardenia flowers that helps strengthen hair while reversing damage and protecting hair from future damage. Provides superio rmoisture and reconstruction to textured and chemically-treated hair promoting healthy, more manageable tresses.

79.00 AED 139.00 AED
-43% Off

CHI Tea Tree Oiloffers the invigorating and soothing benefits ofTea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil that work together to removeimpurities and excess build up, balance scalp oils, and maintainideal moisture levels.

79.00 AED 136.00 AED
-41% Off

Instantly transform your dry, frizzy, keratindepleted hair into healthy, smooth locks withthe new CHI Keratin Line. With Keratrix™, whichutilizes sustained release system technologyfor all day treatment and protection. Thishighly sophisticated compound replenishesand protects hairs natural keratin proteindramatically improving elasticity and preventingfuture breakage, while adding intense hydrationthat restores softness and shine.

109.00 AED 177.00 AED
-38% Off

A scientifically formulated color maintenance system, Rose HipOil naturally moisturizes hair while keeping the cuticle closedand locking in hair color. Naturally high in antioxidants andVitamin C, CHI Rose Hip Oil Color Nurture boosts color’s vibrancyand shine for long- lasting, salon-fresh color maintenance.

CHI Infra Gel Max Control
79.00 AED

Key Benefits:

  • Helps to define styles
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Leaves hair with incredible shine and control
  • Contains Ionic and Catatonic Hydration Interlink technology

CHI-Ionic Color Guard Spray
49.00 AED 60.00 AED
-18% Off

CHI Ionic Color Guard Spray

CHI Ionic Color Guard Spray is a protective spray that has been specially developed for the scalp. This spray contains lavender, chamomile and aloe vera.


CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Soothe & Protect
69.00 AED 99.00 AED
-30% Off


Formulated with a rich blend of Olive and Monoi oil that works to protect the hair and scalp during the relaxer service. Unique blend of essentialoils, botanicals, herbs, and vitamins offers a soothing barrier against scalp irritation and discomfort during processing, resulting in the hair and scalpfeeling calm, soothed and nourished. Professional Use Only.

CHI Total Protect
39.00 AED

Lightweight lotion made with a rich silk formula to help lock in moisture and protect hair from thermal style and color fading.

•Ionic and Cationic Hydration Interlink technology

•Positively charged silk molecules interlock into with the hair’s natural structure to build strength and resilience and to improve moisture and shine

CHI-Enviro Smoothing Conditioner
100.00 AED

Conditioner – Provides maximum moisture and smoothness to frizzy, uncontrollable hair.

CHI Infra Texture Dual Hair Spray
69.00 AED 99.00 AED
-30% Off

CHI Infra Texture Hair Spray is a fast-drying hairspray giving lift, movement, texture, and control with no build up or flakes. Great as a working or finishing spray.

CHI Shine Infusion-Thermal Polish
59.00 AED 79.00 AED
-25% Off

Thermal active shine spray that instantly gives polished shine without the added weight or oils.