A system for all hair types that allows you to create multiple styles withoutstanding style memory, making hair more healthy and manageable.Provides moisture and strength by interlocking moisture and strengthi (10)

CHI Magnified Volume Finishing Spray
72.90 AED 100.00 AED
-27% Off

The CHI Magnified Volume Hair Spray is a precision spray that helps in magnifying volume, shine and movement.

CHI Magnified Volume Finishing Spray XF
49.00 AED 99.00 AED
-50% Off

Humidity resistant, extra-firm hold that is flexible and builds resilience and strength. Giving hair all-day superior hold, body and shine.

CHI Magnified Volume Spray Foam
49.00 AED 89.00 AED
-44% Off

CHI Magnified Volume was developed specifically for fine hair to boost the volume, body and long lasting fullness with style retention. Acomplex blend of ceramic and rich blends of proteins penetrates each strand from the inside out to provide strength with the ultimate shine.

CHI Magnified Volume Conditioner
99.00 AED

Detangles and conditions hair while building hairs strength building strength and resilience, boosting volume and body to each strand of hair.

CHI Magnified Volume Shampoo
62.55 AED 99.00 AED
-36% Off

Gently cleanses the hair with a rich luxurious lather, leaving hair clean with movement and shine.