A system for all hair types that allows you to create multiple styles withoutstanding style memory, making hair more healthy and manageable.Provides moisture and strength by interlocking moisture and strengthin (5)

CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Shine Serum 89ml
99.00 AED 139.00 AED
-28% Off

The CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Oil Optimum Moisture line combines the rich hydration of Olive Oil with Monoi Oil’s unique blend of Coconut Oil and Tiare Gardenia flowers that helps strengthen hair while reversing damage and protecting hair from future damage. Provides superio rmoisture and reconstruction to textured and chemically-treated hair promoting healthy, more manageable tresses.

CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Soothe & Protect
69.00 AED 99.00 AED
-30% Off


Formulated with a rich blend of Olive and Monoi oil that works to protect the hair and scalp during the relaxer service. Unique blend of essentialoils, botanicals, herbs, and vitamins offers a soothing barrier against scalp irritation and discomfort during processing, resulting in the hair and scalpfeeling calm, soothed and nourished. Professional Use Only.


CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Neutralizing Shampoo
69.00 AED 89.00 AED
-22% Off

Restorative rich cleanser formulated with natural Olive and Monoi Oil botanicals, herbs, and vitamins helps to neutralize and replenish moisture while returning hair to its ideal pH level after a relaxer service. Gently and effectively removes traces of chemical residue and offers a visual confirmation with a color changing indicator. Hair is free of chemical residue and is left feeling softer, stronger and more manageable. Professional Use Only.

CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Silk Conditioning Relaxer
356.00 AED 509.00 AED
-30% Off

This No Base Sodium Hydroxide relaxer is versatile and allows for other multiple chemical services to be performed on the same day using CHI products. This system can be 

CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Optimum Moisture Shampoo
90.00 AED 99.00 AED
-9% Off

Gently cleanses hair with a hydrating blend of Olive Oil & Monoi Oil, providing optimum moisture while leaving hair soft, silky, and manageable.

CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Optimum Moisture Conditioner
99.00 AED

Instantly hydrates hair using a blend of moisture-rich Olive Oil & Monoi Oil that restores moisture, while strengthening and improving the condition of dry, damaged hair.