A system for all hair types that allows you to create multiple styles withoutstanding style memory, making hair more healthy and manageable.Provides moisture and strength by interlocking moisture and strengthi (14)

Bioslik Color Therapy Intensive Masque
43.00 AED 89.00 AED
-51% Off

This Intensive Masque with goose berry extract, VibraRiche® and rooibos, shields hair from color fading and environmental damage while adding strength and moisture. Bamboo extract will help seal hair’s cuticle to prevent color from fading while promoting richer, shinier and more vibrant tones.

Biosilk Color Therapy Lock & Protect
59.00 AED 95.00 AED
-37% Off

Protection from damaging UV rays and environmental stressors is essential for color-treated hair. Lock &Protect is enhanced with Maracuja (passion fruit seedoil) and silk to make hair stronger by helping seal the cuticle and prevent color loss. Antioxidants keep hair color vibrant and rich, protecting against color loss and fade with red tea extract. For daily protection, apply product to the ends of hair, even on the days when you are not shampooing.

Bioslik Color Therapy Cool Blonde SHAMPOO
69.00 AED 99.00 AED
-30% Off

Cool Blonde Shampoo provides color protection to highlighted and lightened hair helping to balance brassy tones, keeping blondes cooler than ever. This dynamic sulfate free formula also neutralizes and eliminates unwanted yellow tones from grey and white hair to maintain healthier, shinier and more vibrant blonde color.

Biosilk Color Therapy Conditioner
69.00 AED 99.00 AED
-30% Off

Replenishes moisture while protecting color treated hair with bamboo and gooseberry extract for color protection, and VibraRiche shine. UV absorbers shield hair from harmful radicalsto prevent color loss. Antioxidants keep hair colorvibrant and silk proteins keep hair strong and healthy.This conditioner leaves hair softer than ever withthree-dimensional shine and unparalleled reflection.

Biosilk Color Therapy SHAMPOO
69.00 AED 99.00 AED
-30% Off

This sulfate free shampoo cleanses with gentle surfactants and rids hair of impurities without stripping hair color. Infused with rooibos, bamboo extract and silk protein, this formula offers natural protection while cleansing. Great for all hair types and all hair colors.